Children's Music

About the Authors

These lessons are meant to be a resource to parents and teachers of children 4-8 years old, preschool through second grade.  We encourage you to adapt them to the age, needs, abilities, and interests of your children or to use them as is where appropriate.  Primarily, we invite you to have fun with the music!

The lessons were written by Amy Doyle  and Delores Gallo. Amy Doyle has taught high school English in the public systems of NYC, Philadelphia, and Syracuse, where she also wrote curriculum.  She received her MA in English from the University at Albany and an advanced certificate in secondary education from CUNY, Queens College. Originally a teacher of English in NYC, Delores Gallo has been a long time teacher educator at the University of Massachusetts Boston, where she designed and directed an undergraduate program, and co-founded the Critical and Creative Thinking Masters Program. She received her BA from Hunter College, MA from NYU, and doctorate from Harvard University. Most recently, Dr. Gallo designed an online offering of her graduate course in creative thinking which she co-teaches with artist Luanne Witkowski from Mass College of Art.

We thank our early education friends for their insightful critiques particularly Gloria Gaudino. If you have experiences with the songs, the lessons, or ideas for their use that you would like to share, please post them on the blog of this website for all. We look forward to hearing from you.