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Lion Face Song is an original and sophisticated collection of songs for children of all ages, written and performed by the studio group 3D, siblings Amy, Lisa and Mark Doyle.  Amy Doyle, a writer and former teacher,  is currently an at-home mother of three young children.  Lisa Doyle is a singer-songwriter, music therapist and teacher who has  worked in the Boston area for over 25 years.  She uses songwriting, yoga, tai chi and Qigong techniques in her therapeutic practice.  Mark Doyle is a renowned producer, arranger and multi-instrumentalist, who has over 65 albums to his credit.  Mark has worked with Hall and Oates, Leo Sayer, Judy Collins, New Kids on the Block and Meatloaf. (For more, go to www.markdoyle.com)

The lively multi-cultural music in this collection invites listeners to participate and to move to a variety of rhythms including reggae, salsa and merengue. These songs are perfect for early childhood music and movement activities.

“Lion Face,” “Namaste,” and “The Magic Hula Hoop” use adaptive yoga techniques to encourage centeredness and imagination.  “Shake” is a movement exercise that introduces children to an ancient Qigong technique of shaking off stress and frustration while having fun.  Other songs teach valuable social lessons for children trying to navigate the world of school: “Oatmeal Raisin Cookies” and “Be Kind and Be Brave”  address the importance of an open mind and open heart, while “Just Be Yourself” celebrates individuality.   Parents and teachers will also love the messages of respect for the environment and for our elders in  “I Love the Water” and “Nana’s House.”  ” Merengue”  is a spirited dance number and “Oh Dread” is a comic homage to parental dedication.

The scintillating music in this collection will appeal to children of all ages and bring joy to the whole family.

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