Children's Music

Be Kind and Be Brave

Lesson by Amy Doyle

Aim: How can kindness and bravery defeat bullying?


  1. Kitchen timer
  2. “Be Kind and Be Brave” by 3D and player
  3. Drawing supplies

Learning Objectives
By the end of the lesson, students will be able to:

  1. Report to the class the instructions for a game described by a partner to whom they actively listened.
  2. Expand their social circles and play with new friends.
  3. Describe an event they participate in with their families.
  4. Identify instances in the song that demonstrate a child being left out as well as solutions applied by another character in the song.
  5. State the definition of bravery.
  6. Identify kind and brave behavior in the song.
  7. Illustrate kindness and bravery in a drawing.
  8. Work together to create a “friendship machine” of sound and motion.

Activity 1

Partner the children up with someone whom they do not ordinarily play. Their instructions are to play for ten minutes using the suggestion of one of the partners. Set a kitchen timer and when ten minutes have passed, the other partner will choose an activity that they will play together. Encourage the children to teach each other a new game that they made up, and insist that the activity be something for two people; each person must have a role.

Report Back: After the activity, return to circle and have each child report on what activity their partner suggested.


  1. Why is it important to play with lots of different friends?
  2. Why is it important to play something that someone else wants to play?

Activity 2

Partner the children again with a different person. Instruct the children to tell a story about something each loves to do with his or her families. Encourage the children to keep talking until the timer goes off after three minutes.

Report Back: After the activity, return to circle and ask children to share the activity their partners described.


  1. How many of you love to do the same things with your families that somebody else described?
  2. We are all so much alike! We have so many more experiences that are similar than that are different. But sometimes our differences are not enjoyed by other kids and we can be made fun of for that, or left out. Teacher should share one personal trait that was or could be made fun of by others.

Activity 3

Listen to “Be Kind and Be Brave.” Ask for definitions of kindness and bravery. Or, brainstorm examples of kind and brave behavior. Tell students that bravery is doing something good and important even though you are afraid. Instruct children that this is a song about the ways we are alike, and why it is valuable to discover the ways we are alike, rather than what makes us different. Ask children to pay attention to why the children in the song are made fun of. Ask them also to pay attention to how one person was able to find something in common with the child who had been made fun of. As you listen to the song, think about why you need to be kind and brave when there is a situation when another child is being made fun of or left out.

Discussion: Ask students how the person in the song was kind and brave. Have children talk about the way they can create a happy and peaceful environment at school or on the playground by being kind and brave when others are being made fun of or left out.

Activity 4

Have students draw a picture that shows them being kind and brave if another student is being made fun of or left out.

Closing: Do a “team-building” activity to reinforce the idea of our similarities and the importance of working together as a community where everyone has a role and is important. One idea is the friendship machine. Students all stand in a circle and are instructed to think of a sound or movement that reminds them of friendship. Teacher can model a few: clapping, shouting “hooray,” hugging self, jumping. Students are instructed to choose a movement or sound and to become part of the machine by making that movement or sound right after the person next to them makes theirs. Teacher will go first once everyone is ready. After teacher goes, the person to her right should follow immediately, and then the next and the next. Repeat 3 times.