Children's Music

Lion Face Song

Lesson by Delores Gallo

Aim: To learn to use the yoga exercise Lion Face to manage frustration and anger in a variety of settings in our everyday lives


  1. Lion Face Song recording by 3D and player
  2. Lion Face animation by John Anderson and player
  3. Drawing supplies

Learning Objectives
By the end of the lesson, the students will be able to:

  1. Describe how they currently respond to anger and disappointment
  2. Act out vocabulary words: stomp, chomp roar
  3. Participate in Lion Face exercise following demonstration and directions by teacher and by 3D song
  4. Recognize that anger or negative feelings can be transformed through exercise by participating in Lion Face and describing feelings after
  5. View animation of Lion Face and discuss when to do exercise “in one’s head”
  6. Represent the meaning of the song in a before and after drawing of a face, first angry then calm/happy; share and discuss


Activity 1


  1. Teacher asks, “What do you do when you feel disappointed or angry?”  After discussion, teacher says, “People around the world have similar feelings.  In India,teachers have developed special exercises called Yoga in order to help people stay healthy by managing their feelings and staying balanced.  Today we are going to learn an exercise called Lion Face which releases anger and difficult feelings.”  Teacher introduces vocabulary:  stomp, chomp.  Students act out vocabulary words.
  2. Teacher asks, “How does a lion roar?  Let’s all roar together.” Teacher plays first verse of Lion Face by 3D and demonstrates the yoga exercise. Direction to Lion Face exercise:  1) raise hands like paws to shoulder height. 2) open eyes wide 3) open mouth wide 4) stick tongue way out 5) ROAR loudly
  3. Teacher plays song on player and everyone does Lion Face exercise together.  Teacher asks, “How do you feel now? When would this exercise be helpful?”


Activity 2

Teacher plays animated version of Lion Face Song by John Anderson.  Teacher asks, “Why did the girl make the Lion Face?” (mad, crying, sick)  When did she imagine doing Lion Face in her head? (school)  Teacher explains, “Because we are learning this exercise together, it is alright to do exercise out loud in school today.”  Teacher asks, “What other places would you do Lion Face in your head and not out loud?”  (church, dinner table, etc.)   Optional: Teacher plays the recorded song again and students follow the directions of the lyric along with the teacher.


Activity 3

“Now let’s draw two pictures: one of how we look when we are sad or angry and one when we are calm and happy.  What colors will you use to show you are angry? What colors make you feel calm and happy?  Use those colors in your calm and happy face.  Children draw; share and discuss.