Children's Music

Magic Hula Hoop

Lesson by Delores Gallo

Aim: to review the colors of the rainbow, relate them to chakra energy centers and to move to the rhythm of the song with an imaginary hula-hoop


  1. 3D Hula Hoop song and player
  2. Pictures of rainbow, someone using a hula hoop, a body outline with chakras colored in
  3. Art materials: crayons or markers; Optional: banner paper
  4. A worksheet of a body outline with circles for the energy centers to be colored in
  5. Small colored cards: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple; and small cards with colored pictures of: red lips, jack-o-lantern, lemon/yellow jello, green grass, blue sky, bread with grape jelly.
  6. Optional: a hula hoop for child to use in demonstration


Learning Objectives
By the end of this lesson students will:

  1. Name and count the colors of the rainbow
  2. Hear and see a description of the chakra energy centers in the human body
  3. Listen actively to lyric of song and explain why the hula hoop is magic
  4. Sing along to chorus of song: “twirling and whirling”
  5. Move in rhythmic circles using an imaginary hula hoop
  6. Review the colors of the chakras and the rainbow by coloring a body outline and drawing relevant items and a rainbow


Activity 1

How many have ever seen a rainbow? Raise your hand. Teacher shows picture of a rainbow or draws one on board with colored chalk. Let’s name the colors. Let’s count the colors. Some people believe we have a rainbow of light inside of us distributed from our hips to our heads.


Activity 2

Teacher shows outline of a child’s body with a circle of color on each energy center. (hips-red; waist-orange; belly-yellow; chest-green; neck-blue; between the eyes-third eye- purple.) “Notice that the order of the colors are the same as in the rainbow. In India, in the Hindi language, each energy center is called a chakra. Let’s say ‘chakra, energy center.’” Teacher shows a hula hoop or picture of someone using a hula hoop. Raise your hand if you have used or seen someone else use a hula hoop. Who can stand and show us how a person moves when he or she use a hula hoop? (Let’s all stand up and try it). Today we are going to listen to a song about a girl who has a magic hula hoop. Listen and find out what makes her hula hoop a magic hula hoop.

Play song.

What makes her hula hoop magic? (changes colors as it goes up her body) How would you feel if you had a magic hula hoop?


Activity 3

In the song the girl compares each color that the hula hoop becomes to something that she knows well. Let’s see if we can match the item she thinks of to each color. (Teacher displays board with jumbled color cards and items in jumbled order). First, let’s put the colors in the order that they are in the rainbow. (order and count the colors) Now let’s match the items to each color.

Purple-grape jelly on bread

Blue-summer sky

Green-green grass

Yellow-lemon jello

Orange-jack o lantern

Red-cherry juice/ruby lips


Activity 4

Now let’s imagine that you have a magic hula hoop and twirl and whirl along with the girl as we listen to the song. Let’s stand up and spread out to give each other lots of room. The words the girl sings are “twirling and whirling.” Let’s say them together now and let’s sing along with the song as we move.

Play song. Children move with imaginary hula hoops and sing to the chorus.

Activity 5

Children sit at tables pre-set with hand out and crayons or markers. Children fill in the color of each energy center and draw something that they think of that is that color while listening to the song. On the back of paper, children draw a rainbow.

Option 2: Children color on banner paper a “rainbow of colors” to create their own magic hula-hoop. Teacher staples on a hula-hoop and children dance along to song. (from D. Crennan)