Children's Music


Lesson by Amy Doyle

Aim: How can we use knowledge of self and love of self to help us maintain our calm and focus during hectic times?


1. Drawing materials
2. Namaste by 3D and player

Learning Objectives

By the end of the lesson, students will:

  1. Describe positive character traits.
  2. Recall character traits labeled by the teacher.
  3. Identify positive character traits in themselves and each other.
  4. Define the Sanskrit word, “Namaste.”
  5. Draw a picture that represents the positive contributions they make to their families’ happiness.
  6. Perform yoga poses: mountain and tree.


Opening circle activity

Teacher will share a character trait that she possesses that makes her feel love for herself. To expand the students’ vocabulary for positive character traits, teacher can show pictures of people engaged in an activity that demonstrates positive character traits such as: care, helpfulness, honesty, love, peacemaking, compassion, generosity, thankfulness. Students should repeat these terms. Students will then share with the class in a round-robin the character trait within themselves that they love.


Activity 2

Teacher will say the word “Namaste” and explain that in Sanskrit, a language spoken by people in India, this word is spoken as a greeting and means: “The Light/divine in me sees the Light/divine in you” or “the great part of me sees the great part of you.” Students will then sit with another student and each will share something they like about the other. After a few minutes students will resume circle and share the observations made by their partner about themselves.


Activity 3

Working independently students will be asked to draw a picture of a time in their day in which their positive character trait is a very important contribution to their family’s happiness and peace.


Activity 4

Tell students they will hear a song called “Namaste” about a child who succeeds in staying peaceful and happy while getting ready for school. Ask them, “why is it hard sometimes to be peaceful and happy while we get ready for school?” Ask them to listen for one event in the morning that the speaker needs to stay calm for.


Activity 5

Ask students if they learned anything from the song that could be helpful for them while getting ready for school.

Demonstrate yogic breathing in and out the nose, tree pose, mountain pose.


Activity 6

End the lesson with a positive thought meditation. Have students close their eyes and think about the beautiful character trait that they possess that adds so much to the world. If you like, show them how to bow to each other and say, “Namaste.”