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Nana’s House

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Nana’s House Lesson by Delores Gallo*

Aim: To appreciate the special people in our lives and celebrate them with an original   song lyric



1. Nana’s House by 3D and player
2. Music recorder
3. Art materials: paper, markers or crayons


Learning Objectives
By the end of the lesson, each student will:

1. Describe and name a special person in his/her life
2. Listen actively to Nana’s House by 3D
3. Recall activities child does with her Nana
4. Discuss activities done with own special person
5. Draw one activity with special person
6. Develop auditory memory by listening to song melody and repeating melody teacher sings
7. Using sentence completion, create two lines of a song that teacher records
8. Listen to class song and comment on classmates’ work


Activity 1

Teacher asks, “Who are the special people in your family that you like to visit or do things with?”  Elicit a response from each student.  “Today we are going to listen to a song about a little girl whose Grandmother is her special person.  She calls her Nana.  Do you have a special name for your special person?”

( Optional: introduce the name for Grandma in different languages:  Nai Nai (Chinese), Abuela (Spanish), Oma (German), Ya Ya (Greek), Nonna (Ittalian) etc.


Activity 2

“Now let’s listen to the song and remember the things that this little girl likes to do with her Nana.”  Play song.  “What things did the little girl like to do?”  (bake, make up silly songs, sit in her lap, listen to her read, listen to her tell stories of when she was a little girl, receive a present that she makes – a quilt, a dress, nap with her quilt, dance – twirl – with her dress, plant and weed in garden).

“What are some things you like to do with your special person?”  Discuss.


Activity 3

“Now draw one activity that you like to do with your Special Person.”


Activity 4

Songwriting through Sentence Completion.  “Would you like to write a song about your special person?”


  1. “Let’s listen to the music of Nana’s House; then we will make up words about our special person.”  Teacher plays only opening verse to review melody.
  2. “Let’s sing the melody to the first line.(Teacher sings melody to first line “I love going to Nana’s House” with the syllable la.(la la la la la /la la la)  Children repeat three times. “Now let’s sing the melody to the second line. “ I feel happy all day long.”  Teacher sings this melody with the syllable la.(la la la / la la la la la}.
  3. Children introduced to sentence completion – “Take the line from Nana’s House and fill in your special person’s name and activity.  Here’s an example of what each of us will create.  Teacher sings:‘I love going to Uncle Joe’sHe plays basketball with me.’”  Children repeat combining melody with new lyric.
  4. Individual sentence completion –“We’ll start with“I love going to ————-“name special person.” Elicit three examples.“Now tell what activity you like to do together, like you drew in your picture.”  Elicit two examples.  Teacher repeats child’s line with rhythm of Nana’s  Song as model, but accepts whatever child sings without interruption when they record song.
  5. “Now we’ll record and listen to the song about all the special people in our lives.”  Children sing round robin and teacher records each child.\
  6. Now let’s listen to the song we have created to celebrate all the special people in our lives and the things we love to do together.”  Play class song and gather reactions.


Activity 5

Teacher posts children’s pictures on bulletin board under “Special People in Our Lives” and plays song again before close of day.


*thanks to Lisa and Amy Doyle and Gloria Gaudino for suggestions




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Lesson Two by Amy Doyle

Aim: How do the oldest generations make essential contributions to our families?



Photograph or magazine picture that represents at least 3 generations.

Easel pad and marker

Class set of paper and colored pencils

Hand made paper dolls varying in height

“Nana’s House” from 3D Lion Face


Learning Objectives
By the end of this lesson, students willl:

1. Define “generation.”

2. Apply the concept of generation to a family tree.

3. Draw separate generations in a family tree.

4. Identify the different life stages lived already by older members of their families.

5. Discuss how the older members of their families contribute to their lives.

6. Produce their own versions of “Nana’s House” based on their personal experiences with older members of their families.



  • Teacher will show photo or magazine picture to students and ask, “Guess how these people are related to each other” to elicit children, parents, and grandparents as categories of generations.
  • Teacher will explain that a generation is a group of people who are around the same age, and can show photos that demonstrate this concept.
  • Teacher will draw a family tree: and draw a picture in each box of the members of her family. With each new generation, the definition will be reviewed.
  • Students will be given paper and colored pencils and instruction to draw a tree. Once they’ve all drawn the tree, teacher will tell them to draw a picture of their oldest relative in the tree trunk spot. Teacher will ask students if they know who calls this person “mom” or “dad.” If they do, then they can draw a picture of that person on a branch. Teacher will ask students who calls that person “mom” or “dad” and they will add leaves with drawings of those people.
  • Students will share their completed drawings with a friend.
  • Teacher will talk about the parts of the tree and how without the trunk, the branches and leaves couldn’t exist. Teacher will ask students to share why their grandparents or other older relatives are important to their families. How are our lives better because of the older people in our families?
  • Tell students they will listen to a song called “Nana’s House.” Ask students the different names they use for their grandparents.
  • Play song.
  • Discuss with students the different experiences the speaker has with her Nana.
  • Distribute a “picture song” template that students will use to write their own version of “Nana’s House.” Encourage students who do not have grandparents to use another older adult who is important to them as the subject of the song.






going to ____________________________.


I feel


all day long.

________ (picture of special person)

lets me help her (draw picture of activity they do together with little person helping)

and we (draw picture of another activity they do)



Students can share their songs, making up their own melodies or using a melody they know (“Nana’s House” or “ABC” or “Happy Birthday”)