Children's Music


Lesson by Delores Gallo

Aim: How can we use a Qigong exercise as a fun method of moving one’s energy and improving concentration, circulation and health?


1) 3D song “Shake” and player

2) picture of dog shaking off water

3) chart of word Qi Gong(Chi-gong) and Chinese ideograph for Chi

4) chart of body with parts labeled

5) art materials: magic markers


Learning Objectives
By the end of this lesson, students will:

  1. Identify activities that students currently do to renew their energy.
  2. Listen to an introduction of Qigong as an ancient Chinese system of exercise to stay healthy.
  3. Listen actively to song by 3D and recall and identify body parts named.
  4. Follow directions in song and practice exercise.
  5. Say the meaning of the word “circulate” and make circle in air to reinforce meaning; say Qi (chi) energy
  6. Color in with black marker the Chinese symbol for Chi
  7. Draw a picture of themselves in active play or exercise



Activity One

Teacher asks, “When you feel sleepy what things do you do to help you feel awake? (stretch, eat, run )Animals also stretch. Have you ever seen a dog get wet in a bath, a lake or sprinkler? Who can show us what the dog does? (also show picture) Let’s all shake like this once.”


Activity Two

Introduce Qi Gong. “How the dog shakes is is a lot like an ancient Chinese exercise to help us stay healthy by shaking off tense or unhappy feelings. Qigong is a system of exercises to move our energy around to help us stay healthy. In Chinese, Qi means life energy. Let’s all say Qi (Chi). Gong means to work or move our energy through practice. Qigong means moving our life energy through our bodies to help us stay healthy and balanced in mind and body. Today we’re going to do one of these exercises. by following the directions in a song.“


Activity Three

Listen to song and recall body parts. Let’s listen to the song and imagine yourself following along. Remember the name of the parts of our body that we are going to shake when we listen to the song again and do the exercise.“ Play Song. After listening, students name body parts as teacher identifies them on chart (wrists, hands etc). Alternative, students lead simon says with named body parts.


Activity Four

Prepare for exercise and do exercise from directions in the song. “First let’s take a moment to see how we feel right now. Stand, let’s take 3 deep breaths; breathe in through your nose, breathe out through your mouth like you’re blowing out a candle. (Do 3 times) How are you feeling?(tired, sad, shy, energetic, happy?) Now, let’s do the exercise following the directions in the song. Play Song. Students shake and move to directions of the song. Discuss response to exercise. “How do you feel?” (more awake, more calm, more energetic). This exercise helps your energy circulate or move around in your body. Do you hear the name of a shape in the word ‘circulate?’ Let’s make a circle in the air with our hand as we say ‘circulate.’”


Activity Five

Drawing. Teacher asks, “What other things do you do to circulate your energy to make you feel awake and happy?” (play ball, run, swim, skip)  “Using the black magic marker, fill in the Chinese symbol for Qi(Chi) or energy. Below it, draw a picture of yourself doing something that circulates or moves your energy to help you stay healthy.”


Download the Chinese Chi ideogram to color in.