Children's Music

Oh Dread

Oh dread it’s time for bed
It’s late but we wanna play
Poor old dad he’s getting so mad
Teeth ain’t brushed, we don’t want to hush
Oh dread it’s time for bed

We make sudsy beards and splash in the tub
Don’t want to get out just as soon as we’re scrubbed
We get stronger; dad gets weak
No better time for hide and seek


Dad wakes up when there ain’t even sun
He’s working so hard while we’re having fun
By the end of the day, he’s so tired and cross
‘Cause we won’t brush and we won’t floss!

Now he’s saying, “Let’s make a deal
Cause you just don’t understand how I feel
We’ll read three stories if you dress right now!’
But we’re not ready to curtsy and bow


Dad says, “Ok we’ll do it your way
Anything, just to end this day!”
He says, “Count to ten and don’t you peek”
When we find him he’s sound asleep

So now my brother and I are free
To jump on the beds and eat cookies
But when we see dad all cozy and snug
We want to crawl right in and give him a hug

Dad said it’s time for bed
It got so late he just couldn’t wait
He’s snoring so loud that I can’t sleep now
Who did he think would get me my drink?
Oh dread it’s time for bed